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RWE & Turcas

Corporate Responsibility / Commitment

Company interests always include corporate responsibility. For this reason, all sponsorship activities are closely linked to the overall objective of conducting successfully as a company not only in economic terms, but also in all social and ecological issues. Both the core values of the RWE Group and the brand attributes are reflected in every sponsored project. 

Besides its international orientation, RWE is firmly anchored with the regions the Group operates in and the organization has also grown up through them. With commitment at both regional and multi-regional levels, RWE and its regional companies adapt to the specific local markets and target groups. Thus, the Group contribute to sustained development in the corresponding markets. Every respective regional company has sufficient freedom to realize individual and targeted projects for its own regions, in line with the group-wide Code of Conduct. 

As well as our economic contribution to Denizli with our power plant we provide support on the region's social development. We especially concentrate to support education on our social responsibility activities. 

Building New Classrooms

We supported construction of 23 new classrooms in two schools and which are completed within the 2012-2013 academic year. 18 classrooms have been built for the Kaklık Primary School and 5 for the Şehit Eyüp Altun Primary School, which is a sister institution.

Education Sponsoring

In 2018, we sponsored the Ministry of Education approved science projects of Kaklık Elementary School in the area of STEM robotic coding and mind games.

Energy Boxes

We also started the RTG Energy Box Project in academic year 2012-2013. An “energy box” designed to educate children on energy efficiency and the “Tracing the Energy Thieves” booklets were distributed to students during the Energy Efficiency week. Energy boxes, which are at the same time lunch boxes, have been distributed to all 1st to 4th grade students of the 16 schools in Honaz, Denizli. We continue to distribute energy boxes to first grade students each year as a long-term sustainable project reaching over 4,000 students. RTG also continues to support the students with distribution of free school and examination books.

Our Principles of Conduct

Our way of doing business is characterised by integrity and compliance with the law. We expect the same of our partners. In particular, we are committed to the following principles: