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Combined-cycle gas and steam turbine power plant

Denizli CCGT power plant

Facts and figures

Power plant location Denizli, Turkey
Power plant type Combined-cycle gas and steam turbine power plant
Commissioned in 2013
Electrical output (gross) 797.4 MW
Electrical output (net) 775 MW
Fuel Natural gas

First power plant in Turkey

The Denizli natural-gas combined-cycle power plant is RWE's first investment in Turkey. It is operated by RWE & Turcas Güney Elektrik Üretim A.Ş, a joint venture between RWE and Turcas. RWE holds 70 per cent in the company, Turcas holds 30 per cent. 

Since the 775-megawatt power plant was commissioned in 2013, it has covered the increasing energy demand in the region and has supplied around 3 million households’ demand equivalent electricity. It thus supplies approximately 1.2% of the electricity produced in the country.


In 2014, the power plant was awarded first place in the category of natural-gas-fired thermal power plants at the ICCI Energy Awards. In 2015 it received an award in the same category.  The power plant has also won environmental awards. The Turkish Healthy Cities Association presented it with its Environmentally Friendly Facility Award in 2014.